Technical specifications of the terraced house

Technical specifications of the terraced house

Energy Class A terraced houses


The external walls of the building are insulated, plastered covered with wooden board according to the architectural solution.


Stone block load-bearing walls. Inserted and roof ceiling made of reinforced concrete hollow panels.


The building has PVC-framed windows. The windows have triple glass package, which can partially be opened.

Heating and ventilation

Heating in the apartments is solved by apartment-based air-water heat pumps, the heat carrier is underfloor water heating.

Ventilation is solved through ceramic heat recovery ventilation equipment

Electrical, communication and light installations

Electrical cables will be installed inside the building, switches and sockets will be installed according to the layout plan of each apartment (specified during project design).

As part of the interior finishing package, LED lights (inside suspended ceilings) will be installed in bathrooms, toilets and entrances. For other rooms, the necessary supply cables will be brought to the locations foreseen for the lights in rooms. No light fixtures will be installed.


The walls and ceilings of the living spaces are painted, floors will be finished using veneer parquet.

Bathroom walls and floors are covered with ceramic tiles 60 x 60 cm. The floor of the ground floor toilet will be covered with ceramic tiles, walls will be covered with ceramic tiles or painted according to the architectural design project. Gustavsberg sanitary appliances will be used.

*The developer reserves the right to replace the materials and equipment described here with equal or better.

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