This privacy policy explains how SIA Podnieku 6 and its affiliated companies process the data of potential and real clients, associated people, trading contact, internet website and social media visitors, as well as personal data that are related to other data subjects, who have contacted SIA Bauskas in connection with its services (hereinafter “you”).  For the purposes of this policy, the subject matter is the private company SIA Podnieku 6, Reg. No. 40203419330, address: Elizabetes Street 63 – 11, Riga, LV-1050. The policy applies to you if you have used or plan to use our services, including our internet website, supplying your e-mail address to receive our bulletins, or applying for a job with our company.  In this instances, we will be the data controllers and will be responsible for processing your personal data.


We collect your personal data in the following ways:


We process the following types of personal data in connection with the following data subjects:


We process your personal data for the following reasons and pursuant to the legal grounds for doing so:

We will also process your personal data if this is necessary in the specific instance, in connection with our legitimate interests or those of a third part provided that these interests exceed your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms, in connection with which personal data must be protected, as well as in other instances when it is necessary to protect your vital interests or those of any other person.  We do not process special personal data categories.


We may process your personal data with your consent (e.g. sending bulletins for direct marketing purposes).  If your consents is the basis for processing, you may rescind this at any time by contacting using the contact information specified at the end of this text.  Each e-mail contains a link, which if clicked on, you can use to decline further data processing.  However, it is true that withdrawing permission does not affect the permitted processing of content prior to the time that permission was withdrawn.


We use carefully chosen service providers to process your personal data (data processors).  Nevertheless, we retain full responsibility for your personal data.  We use the categories of processors: Data storage service providers, e-mail service providers, customer relations management service providers, brokers’ service providers, construction service providers, marketing service providers, payment service providers, as well as employment intermediation service providers.  If you wish to receive additional information about our data processors, their name and location, please contact using the contact information specified at the end of this text.


We will only offer your personal information to third parties in the event that this is provided for in this privacy policy, if the law requires this (e.g. if we have to submit data to law enforcement bodies), or if you consent to this.  We may, possibly, provide your personal data to SIA Bauskas’ affiliated companies, auditors or legal advisors.  The legal grounds for this process are our legal duties or legitimate interests.


Our data processors may, possibly, process your personal data outside the European Union (including in the United State of America).  We will only send your personal information outside the European Union in the event that we have a legitimate reason to do this, including the data recipient, who i) is located is a country that the European Commission considers to be a country that duel guarantees personal data protection (including organisations which are certified in the Privacy Shield System); or ii) has an agreement that satisfies the European Union’s requirements in relation to sending personal data to processors outside the EU.  If you would like additional and more detailed information about the sending of your personal data outside the European Union (e.g. data recipients and the legal grounds for sending data), please contact us using the contact information specified at the end of this text.


We take technical and organisational steps to protect your personal information, bearing in mind (i) the technology level; (ii) introduction costs; (iii) the nature, scope, context and reasons for processing; and (iv) the risks you encounter.  In such security measures, we including access management, employee training, double factor authentication, as well as data coding, but not only.


We will only retain your personal information for as a long as this is necessary to obtain it, for as long as this is necessary to protect our interests, or for as long as this is necessary to satisfy the requirements of the law.  If you have signed an agreement with us, then we will process your personal data as follows:

If you have shown interest in our products, we will save your personal information for five years after the last time that you contact us.  If you have participated in our customer day events, but have not signed an agreement with us, then your data will be saved for five years after the date of the customer day event.  We will save photo and video for five years after they have been obtained.  If you were unsuccessful in your job application, we will retain your personal information for one month after we have hired a person for the job that you applied for.  If you wish, we will retain the information for six months from the start of this process.  If you have offered your contact information and have uploaded your CV to our internet website, we will save your personal information for up six months from the date on which it was submitted.  We save information that we receive from our website cookies in accordance with our cookies policy.


You retain all the rights of a data subject in accordance with your personal data, in so far this is required by the relevant data protection laws.  Your are entitled to:

If you wish to guarantee your rights, please contact us using the contact information specified at the end of this text.  If you believe that your rights have been violated, you are entitled to bring this matter to the attention of the Data Protection Inspectorate or take it to court.


If our personal data processing practice changes, or it becomes necessary to change the privacy policy in connection with the relevant data protection laws, regulations, legal practice, or guidelines or practice introduced by competent institutions, we are entitled to change this policy unilaterally and at any time.  In this case, we will notify in good time about the e-mail before the changes are introduced.


We are a company that is incorporated in the Republic of Estonia and the processing of your personal data is subject to the laws of the Republic of Estonia.


If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or if you wish to exercise your rights as a personal data subject, please use the following contact information:

Address:  Staapli 10, 10415 Tallinn
Phone:  +372 501 1157

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